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光の実を生やすツリー / A tree that grows glistening fruit

JR武蔵野線 吉川駅前でXmasシーズンに設置されるイルミネーションのデザイン。例年極めて簡単に設置を済ませており、ださいと言われるイルミネーションを改善したいとの相談。


The design of an illumination to be installed during the Xmas season.

Since the budget is small and the purchase of LEDs is not much, we concentrated LEDs in one large tree and made a one-of-a-kind design. By filling the resin capsules with LEDs and adjusting the way they glow, we created several "luminous fruits" that continue to emit light vaguely. The installation was simple and easy because the fruit was only attached, and although not flashy, the tasteful illumination was well received.

​ドリームツリープロジェクト / 2015 / collaborator R.Yamaguchi / Design T.Inomata

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